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Tobb Technologies (Pty) Ltd

  • Tobb Technologies is a software company with strong service and consulting edge. Born in 2006 as Now IT Wiz ,Tobb has over the years achieved above goals with small, medium and large companies: National and International.
  • It is an BEE IT company which specialises in Software development, installation and support. These systems now include Android, iOS, Windows, Web Apps, Websites and custom systems e.g. Health Systems.
  • The company also supplies IT and Networking hardware services and products. It has done this since 2006.


  • Bridge the digital divided nation through provision of quality, affordable and sustainable IT services and products.
  • Tobb’s values are to forever know that the customer comes first. Reduce employment Develop quality products and offer best services Empower women in IT
  • We as Tobb wish to be amongst the best in the field of creating software that changes how the world views Technology. The vision Tobb Technology has is to always empower the young in IT Be the leader in BEE empowerment within the IT industry.

Founder's Desk

Tobb Technologies Founder

  • Bernard found Now IT Wiz in 2006 and upgraded the company to Tobb in 2015.

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  • Our philosophy

    Conduct business in an honest way. Customer comes first.

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    Bernard Sibanda[Solutions] 0731820631/ Thandazile Sibanda[Director] 0748630643

    Thandazile Sibanda[Direcoctor]0724740812 /Bernard Sibanda[Developer] 0826832705

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    Products Portfolio and Services

    Our products and services are more than these displayed in the image. Read then project...

    Websites, Web Apps, Android, iOS and Windows

    T-Apps like tZonke, tMobile, tQSystem, tWeb, tNatives are but a few Tobb Dinner Apps to save you money, time and stress! Read next project to know how we will carry you to the moon

    Network Engineering

    Stress less about this popular wireless connection of devices or hyper fibre to your office or home, relax tNetwork Solutions are inexpensive and have good support. Of course one last thing ... next project

    Wow, you reached this point?

    Hardware Device Engineering

    Yes this world is now mad with devices: PCs, tablets, laptops, phones, Tobb has been upgrading, fixing, and refurbishing these since 2006. Where you born then?


    Tobb Technologies